artificial memory palace based on video games

This post may only interest people with knowledge on loci method (or memory palaces), if you don’t know about these techniques, please have a tour on especially on the wiki 

As suggested there artificial memory palaces can be built from video games. As far as I know, there are two lazy options to get fresh locis :

- Maps of video games ( this website has a lot : ). If, like me, you are fond of zelda ocarina of times, you might find  these maps very interesting. It might provide huge resources, I learned Pi to its 1000th decimals (not sure I remember perfectly though) using less than 10% of the maps.

- Video of video games : It might be a good option if you don’t find the map you need and even more handy if you want to use journeys on the fly.

I tried with mario N64 (because I did not find maps on and I picked this amazing speed run. Side note : Speed Runners are such crazy beasts… They should try memory palaces, they have the mental and the material to outperform us.

Here is my workflow : I used evernote+skitch to annotate (in a very rudimentar way) my set of locis. Then to reproduce it…you need evernote+skitch.  Screenshots are at the bottom of the post.

First I divide my screen in two, my attention is divided. I try to find good mnemonics images for my learning material when the video is not interesting (even if it’s rare), and when the video is about to reveal interesting place, I pause,  I push F10 (my shortcut to take a partial screenshot), I push some arrows pointing to the position of my mental images, I save. Life is too short to add extra informations, but skitch is ideal if you want to add extra stuff (like the aimed content for example). After the session, you might find useful to export all the stuff in a unique html file ( select your notes from evernote, file>export>export as a single web page). At the end you have something like this .  If, like me, you only use arrows, don’t forget to review as soon as you finish your session.

locisDivide your screen in two parts




When an interesting place is showing up, pause, screenshot and annotate with skitch.